What We’re Reading: October 21, 2016

A roundup of news and articles the Unfamiliar Terrain team is reading this week:

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Urban Design (The New Yorker): Updating Le Corbusier’s Athens Charter at the UN Habitat III conference and charting the course of future cities.

San Francisco Makes a Guerilla Bike Lane Permanent (CityLab): The rise of the San Francisco Municipal Transformation Authority.

A New Typology of Cities (CityLab): New metrics for urban form and productivity.

A Tale of Blue Cities (LA Review of Books): Cities and voting trends.

A Free Place for Designers to Work (NYT): creating a communal design and prototyping workspace in Brooklyn.

Next Big Tech Corridor? Between Seattle and Vancouver, Planners Hope (NYT): A vision to rival Silicon Valley.

Suburbs Will Soar on Wings of Tech (Bloomberg): Will tech propel suburban growth?

The Return of the Utopians (The New Yorker): A brief survey of utopias in America.

Cities Will Change When Cars Drive Themselves (Bloomberg): How self-driving cars might alter land use, traffic, and parking in cities.