A career—for life.

    Whether you’re looking for your first job in law or making a mid-career move, the culture of a firm is a huge consideration. At Coblentz, we encourage individuality, value collegiality, and genuinely appreciate a good sense of humor.

    Coblentz is an independent mid-size law firm with deep roots—more than 125 years in the Bay Area—and an innovative approach to the law and how we practice it. People come to Coblentz because of our record of performance and service; people stay at Coblentz because they love working here.

    Talent, ability, and old-fashioned hard work drive our firm’s success, and we believe our size helps seal the deal. We’re small enough to maintain a close connection with our clients and provide the responsiveness they expect, and we’re also large enough and experienced enough to handle the toughest cases and tackle the most complex issues.


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