What We’re Reading: November 18, 2016

A roundup of news and articles the Unfamiliar Terrain team is reading this week:

Versailles in the Valley” (The Economist): What do the new, monumental headquarters of Silicon Valley’s tech powerhouses say about them?

The Great Rent Squeeze” (CityLab): Households are spending larger shares of their income on rent—does this stifle the economy?

Can the US economy return to dynamic and inclusive growth?” (McKinsey Global Institute):  Can declining cities fuel economic growth?

Airbnb, under the gun, is ready to cooperate with SF” (SF Chronicle): Changes are afoot at Airbnb.

Four trends from state and local elections” (Brookings Institution): What concerns are shaping America’s cities and regions?

Teslas in the Trailer Park: A California City Faces Its Housing Squeeze” (NYTimes): “We joke that it’s the only mobile home park with Mercedeses and Teslas in the driveway…It’s like the new middle class in California.”