Prop X Would Impose New PDR Replacement Requirements in SoMa and the Mission

Production, Distribution, and Repair (PDR) space is a hot commodity in San Francisco.  Over the past few years, numerous organizations, policymakers, and elected officials have been engaged in efforts to preserve existing and create new PDR, community, and arts spaces, particularly in SoMa.  Supervisor Kim, who previously sponsored the moratorium on conversion of PDR space in SoMa that expired in October, has sponsored Proposition X for the November ballot.  Prop X would impose a conditional use and on-site replacement requirement for many new projects or changes of use that displace PDR, Institutional Community, or Arts Activities uses.

The replacement requirements vary by zoning district, and would only apply within SoMa and the Mission as follows:

  • 100% replacement in the SALI district
  • 75% replacement in the UMU, MUO, and SLI districts
  • 50% replacement in the MUG and MUR districts

For projects with Environmental Evaluation applications filed by June 14, 2016, the ballot measure contains partial grandfathering for 15,000 square foot-plus projects, and full grandfathering for smaller projects.  Full grandfathering is also provided for all projects approved by that date.  There are a number of other exceptions included in the ballot measure for Port, Recreation and Park Commission, and other properties and specific project types.

The replacement requirements in Prop X are broader than those in the recently released Central SoMa Plan, which proposes 100% PDR replacement on parcels being rezoned from SALI to MUO or WSMUO, and 50% PDR replacement on parcels being rezoned from SLI to MUO.

The Controller’s analysis projects a loss of revenue between $2.1 and $4.3 million annually, based on the lower assessed values of new property for PDR, Institutional Community, and Arts Activities uses.  Supervisor Kim is listed as the proponent argument author on the City’s Department of Elections website, and SPUR is listed as the opponent argument author.