Thoughts on Racial Justice

Recent events have reminded us once again that the ideals of our country have yet to be achieved, and that the impacts of our failures continue to fall most harshly on Black Americans. In this time of personal isolation and anxiety, problems so deeply rooted in our country’s history can seem ineradicable.

But we cannot be indifferent to the fact that the benefits and protections of our society are more available to some of us than to others, and that this unfairness permeates so many aspects of people’s lives — undermining community safety, distorting the justice system, placing barriers in the paths of our fellow citizens (and our fellow non-citizens), and leaving far too many people with the bitter conviction that nothing will ever change. We must, at the very least, strive to ensure that our firm is a place where all individuals are valued and included equally, and we will continue to work with our community partners in the collective fight for fundamental rights.

You can read more about our ongoing commitment to diversity and racial justice initiatives here.