Jon Bass and Tim Crudo offer advice in "What New Litigators Can Do To Win Their First Trial"

Partners Jon Bass and Tim Crudo are quoted in “What New Litigators Can Do To Win Their First Trial,” Law360
April 29, 2015

Law360, New York – “Litigating your first case is terrifying. Are you prepared? Will the judge and jury take you seriously? Will you ask the right questions? Will your witnesses do well on the stand? Will you win?” Jon Bass and Tim Crudo offer their advice:

Jon Bass: “Be scared, but don’t be intimidated. Your opponent may have tried a few cases, but that doesn’t mean she has the better side of this one. Be open about your inexperience, rather than trying to conceal it. The judge is your friend in your first trial, so accept her helping hand with grace. And simplify your case as much as possible, or more so. A good case will benefit from being stripped down to its core. Layers of complexity won’t improve a bad one, and you’ll have made your job harder than it needs to be.”

Tim Crudo: “Two words: short and simple. That goes for opening, direct and cross-exams, and closing. Even — and especially — for long trials, distill your documents and witnesses to what is essential and use those to drive home your (short and simple) theory of the case. Evidence is a two-edged sword, and a good trial lawyer will know how to turn yours against you. And at some point you lose a jury if you keep hitting it over the head with the same point. So figure out what you really need and cut out the rest. Less really is more.”