Coblentz Attorneys Protect Low-Income Consumers

“Coblentz Attorneys Protect Low-Income Consumers,” BASF Bulletin, November 2013

The Justice & Diversity Center thanks Coblentz Patch Duffy & Bass for its recent exceptional volunteer efforts on behalf of low income consumers. By mid-August 2013, led by partner Fred Fields, the firm had taken, and resolved, three full scope representation collection defense cases. The Coblentz team accepted one case that was scheduled for trial within the month. Thanks to the firm’s work, each case resolved before trial with a mutual release that included an agreement by the third party debt-buyer plaintiff not to report the alleged debt to credit reporting agencies.

Continuing “the excellent work of Coblenz, Fields just took on another full-scope collection defense case that is set for trial in mid-December. Field’s noted, “Often these credit, card debt accumulators take unfair advantage of [unrepresented consumers], such as taking liberties with the requirements of personal service of process, or improperly using affidavits in lieu of personal testimony.”

Because of the Coblentz firm’s assistance, the low income consumers avoided the downward economic spiral caused by having a money judgment on their credit report, they were protected from a wage garnishment or levy, further impact on their credit reports and scores were minimized, and they avoided tax consequences on the settlement of disputed debts.