2019 Legal Professional Educational Workshop

Francie Skaggs and Fred Crombie will be presenting at the 2019 Legal Professional Educational Workshop scheduled on February 2, 9 and 16 at San Francisco State’s Downtown Campus. Francie Skaggs, Education Chair of the San Francisco Legal Professionals Association, is coordinating the three-day event with San Francisco State University and will oversee the event all three days. On February 9, Francie will co-present with trial attorney Scott Herndon for the presentation “50 Days Before Trial: How to Get Ahead of the Curve,” and on February 16, she will co-present with Bethany Vasquez, General Counsel of Lyft, for the presentation “Motions for Summary Judgment.”  On February 16, Fred Crombie will join a panel of court reporters and a retired judge, and he will provide a one-hour presentation on the “Deposition Process From an Attorney’s Point of View.”

Registration is required. Click here for full event information and registration.